Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boston Pride Parade

First of all I want to say what a great time I had at the Pride Parade in Boston. It was well run and everyone was really into having fun. As you can see from the first two photos the Public Garden was beautiful with roses and aliae blooming. I walked through the park to get a nice spot on Berkeley Street that was not too crowded and in the shade.

And now... the photos:

Rose beds in the garden

Green and purple aliae

Really loud dykes on even louder bykes

Love the little doggy seat in the back. The choice of a dress was a little puzzling though.

The infamous "Hat Sisters" leading the parade with Hizzonner Mayor Thomas "Mumbles" Menino

Governor Deval Patrick and his lovely wife

Finally... a drag queen!

The contingent from Rhode Island Pride. (They'd better get their acts together down there or those queens will never be getting married at home.)

The Pride flag

The King & Queen of the parade (don't even try).

The Pagans stopped by. They love a good festival.

The Bacardi Rum Company always has a great float with beads, confetti and let's see... what else did I like about that float?

Shruel & Morty Fineman. Morty is the one in the sensible shoes

Not even going to guess what's going on here.

After the excitement I went to the bar at The Four Seasons for a glass of champagne and a club sandwich. It was a fine way to end the parade.

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  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Thanks for the photos... reminded me of the days of San Francisco pride fests. sniff. Whoa, but those were intense! Four-hour parades with 300K spectators!

    Those fscking drag queens from RI... I expected to see Kimoko on that float! (...that mean ol' thing!) And you're right: What's with Rhode Island, anyway. My cousin Lou and Jim (you met them) had to get married this past spring in nearby Massachusetts. That goombah of a governor has to be replaced! The whole state is, unbelievably, still rotten with mafia. Ugh.

    Michael D