Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tacky Wedding Cakes

Some people just don't get it when planning their weddings and these photos prove it. Look at these awful wedding cakes and you decide.

Chocolate rock cake (from the cake decorating company Wilton's own site). Yikes!

Sushi Cake

Should've used that fondant after all. Buttercream dots melt, Doll.

Fish tank cake

Step away from the airbrush Chef!

From the Christmas wedding previously posted. It had to make this post too.

Look closely... sharks!


Glow in the dark cake comes with complimentary blacklights. Bong not included.


I think I'd rather shoot myself than have this cake at my wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Peep


Hideous cake AND balloons

"Camo" Cakes

Nicely crafted, shockingly tacky

Cash is (not) always nice

The pastry chef went through a lot of trouble to craft this horror

Yes... it is supposed to be leaning over.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Wedding cakes should reflect the people getting married.If the couple wants something unique, then so what? Couples want a cake that celebrates how they met or what they like to do together, not some cookie-cutter, same as everyone else design for their special day.

  2. Listen sweetheart, I understand "unique" and symbolic of this or that, but let's face it, tacky is tacky, (forgive the pun) no matter how you slice it. I planned weddings professionally at one of the most exclusive resorts on the East Coast and I have seen my share of unique and representative cakes but cash on a cake?? "Camo" cakes?? Oh Mary, come on!!

    Thanks for commenting!