Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pew Poll says 18% of US Citizens say Obama is a Muslim

From the Pew Research Center:

The view that President Obama is a Muslim is more widespread among his political opponents than among his backers. Roughly a third of conservative Republicans (34%) say Obama is a Muslim, as do 30% of those who disapprove of Obama’s job performance. But even among many of his supporters and allies, less than half now say Obama is a Christian. 

The people who said that they think Obama is a Muslim are just plain STUPID! It was just before the President was elected that these fools were hyperventilating over the President's former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright comments about 9/11. Is it so hard for these idiots to remember what they felt so fervently about just two short years ago? And to those who think that the President is not a Christian, who could blame him if he wasn't? With all of the "good, God-fearing Christians" who are out there bearing false witness against him simply for political advantage, I certainly wouldn't blame him if he wasn't a Christian. The epic hypocrisy and ignorance of the Conservative/Republicans is beyond belief.

In the words of Shirley Q "these folks is ignunt!"

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