Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I have had enough!

Scott Brown Single-Handedly Blocks An Extension Of Unemployment Benefits

 After reading this headline today on I had finally had enough. I called Senator Brown's office and of course I couldn't get to speak with the Senator himself but to a flack who asked how he could help me. I told him that I was appalled, yes appalled by the fact that Senator Brown had blocked the extension of unemployment benefits. The flack said that Senator Brown had offered his own plan last night but that Democrats in the Senate had voted in a strictly partisan way to block his plan. His plan? Take more time to study the matter and to debate it some more. That's a plan? People are broke now! People don't have anyway to feed their families! People are going to lose their homes! The tortured logic of not borrowing money to help the unemployed but borrow big to give these obscene tax breaks to the weathiest of us is monstrous and I told him so. The flack then said "I'll pass on your concerns to the Senator". 

I then went on to say that I was also upset about this letter of Mitch McConnell's that Brown signed saying that he would support the Republican's plan to block all Senate business until the tax cuts are approved. I pointed out that there has been no floor debate on that subject but that the Senate Republicans would be fine spending $830 BILLION on that without debate. I told him that I was absolutely disgusted with the Republicans and their clearly malicious attempts to hold the American people hostage over these tax cuts and the flack said. "I'm sorry sir but we do have other constituents calling so I'm going to have to go. I'll pass along your concerns to the Senator."

So where did this exercise get me? Nowhere. But at least I did make the call and let at least that douche bag flack in Brown (Eye)'s office knows how I feeel about all of this. You should do the same. Brown's office number in Washington is 202-224-4543. Call now and tell that a$$hole off!

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