Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Stupid Bimbo Tweets Another Lie

What this cretina seems to have forgotten, or else doesn't care about because it suits her lie, is that the House and Senate Republicans under President Bush passed these tax cuts with a sunset clause because if they were to go beyond the ten-year mark then they would have to be paid for. So how President Obama has anything to do with these so-called tax-hikes is a ludicrous lie. I say let the tax-rates return to pre-cut levels as they were supposed to do and let the Republicans in the House and Senate try to pass the tax cuts again in the new Congress. The populace will want their middle-class tax cuts done quickly and the President can simply veto any tax legislation that includes tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. President Clinton went to the wall with Republicans in his 1st term, let Barry do the same. It will show these stupid people who support the Republican douchebags in Congress that they are interested in only two things. Enriching their fat friends and making sure the black boy gets only one term in the White House.

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