Thursday, January 06, 2011

The truth about opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act (read: ObamaCare)

I heard that Mika Brzezinski woman on Morning Joe today ask Eric Cantor a question about the Affordable Health Care Act, referring to it as "ObamaCare". Now I thought that these two (Scarborough and Brzezinski) were supposed to be the "truthsayers" for each of the two sides (liberal and conservative) in these arguments. For Brzezinski to use that term shows me that she is nothing more than a shill for the right wing. I don't mind if a commentator refers to the AHCA as ObamaCare when they are reporting an instance of someone else using that term, but when a news reporter/commentator representing themselves as a fair and honest commentator does it, it is just wrong. Brzezinski wants us to believe that she is just that; a fair and honest person. It sickens me to see our conversations about important topics reduced to juvenile name calling. I don't like it when Olberman does it. I don't like it when Limbaugh does it and I especially don't like it when people who represent themselves as 'independent" thinkers do it. It is just inflammatory invective just like adding the name "Pelosi" to all that one assumes is wrong with Congress. It is not fair and it is not intelligent debate.

Here is a great editorial cartoon that was posted by my friend Kathy on her Facebook page today. It really lays out what the whole "ObamaCare" argument boils down to. 

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