Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Two words that make my ears bleed

Mehlman and Matalin

First we have that nasty, self-loathing queen Ken Mehlman, former head of the Republican National Committee who spent the first half of the 2,000's throwing his gay and lesbian sisters and brothers under the bus in the name of power, who now thinks that because she joined GOProud (ridiculous Republican ass-kissers) and is raising money for AIDS centers, that makes everything OK. Ugh! If I had a nickel for every discriminatory, hateful, hurtful thing that creature is responsible for I'd be very well off. 

So now Miss Mehlman goes to a party to raise money for GOProud at the home of The Wicked Witch of Washington, Mary Matalin, former advisor to Dick "Darth" Cheney. Just the sound of that strega's voice is enough to make me cringe. Ugh! Ugh! The way that woman praises Mehlman's "integrity" is revolting. If you have the nerve... listen for yourself.

Warning!!! Cover your keyboards!

And don't ask me about that decor... I beg you!

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