Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Another Masseur Alleges Sexual Assault by Travolta

First let me say that if Travolta is a big closet queen and wants to keep it that way I have no problem with that. However, if she goes around allegedly assaulting people hired by him for services, such as massages, or other personal services then she needs to be stopped. Just because she's a fading movie star, that doesn't give her, or anyone else for that matter, the right to assault someone who's just trying to make a buck. If she wants some man-lovin' then she should buy herself a hooker and have at it. I suppose Mrs. T is OK with all of this because it ain't the first time Giovanna T has gotten herself into trouble with her shenanigans. 

John Travolta’s legal battle with a masseur who claims the actor made unwanted sexual advances during a massage in January got twice as ugly Tuesday as another masseur filed a second lawsuit Tuesday making similar claims. 
Both plaintiffs are represented by the same Los Angeles attorney, and both filed anonymously as “John Doe” (No. 1 and No. 2). Travolta’s team has charged the lawyer is merely seeking his “15 minutes of fame” and promises to sue both the lawyer and his clients after moving to have the suits thrown out of court.

The second man claimed in his suit — asking $2 million in damages — that he had “substantial documentation and numerous witnesses regarding the substance of Travolta’s actions.”

Here's a photo of Giovanna slipping some guy a baci on the steps of his airplane. Doesn't look gay to me!

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