Friday, May 11, 2012

The "Art" of the Studio Portrait

Always a fun time:

The Bowl Haircut Family

Broadway, here I come...

Runs filling station at yacht club in Tennessee

Hey... this paper is torn!

This girl is 3 years old

See above


Mommy's little helper, from outer space

TPT (The Poor Thing)

Wait till she grows up and finds this lurking on the Internets

"Star of the day, who will it be..."

Cat-eye glasses rock

Football jerseys, mullets and gaussian blurring, Oh My!

This look ain't working Chad!

Used on weekends as a tire brush

Granny got moves

Put on your best gold toof honey!


Tron Girl

Another oh-so-popular Mullet

Don't bother to dress up Doll

Mullet and big gold(en) class ring

Currently serving 20 to 30 for mutilating farm animals...

Reason for above problem

A massive beehive. Nice job!


Off to the mall to do a little shopping

You will do as I command earthling!

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