Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Shirley McLaine

Shirley McLaine is one of my favorite actresses and today is her birthday. In honor of that occasion please enjoy these photos of Shirley in some of the wonderful costumes created for the movie "What A Way To Go!" by Edith Head. Shirley stars with Dick Van Dyke, Dean Martin, Bob Cummings, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum, and Paul Newman and a supporting cast that includes Reginald Gardner and Margaret Dumont. It is a seriously entertaining movie.

From IMDB: 

This black comedy opens with Louisa Foster donating a multimillion dollar check to the IRS. The tax department thinks she's crazy and sends her to a psychiatrist. She then discusses her four marriages, in which all of her husbands became incredibly rich and died prematurely because of their drive to be rich.

Shirley out by the pool as Mrs. Pinky Benson (Gene Kelly)

Louisa Benson waiting for Pinky in a pink chinchilla coat and a pink Rolls Royce

As Mrs. Rod Anderson Jr. (Robert Mitchum) in a dream sequence

Louisa trying to give her millions to the IRS

Louisa Anderson
A fabulous outfit here

Mr & Mrs Pinky Benson arrive for a premiere

Louisa Anderson in orange emu feathers
More diamonds please


  1. I love Shirley and I love that movie. I need to see it again; it's been ages. Melrose...forgive me LOL

    1. Thanks for stopping by.