Monday, May 12, 2014

Jenny Craig Diet Update, Week 6

The Devil has ways...
I'm beginning to weaken. I need to be more focused. I am starting to equivocate on dieting on the weekends when my resistance is low. Plus I am usually so busy on weekends that I do not follow Jenny's imperative of eating 6 times a day.

Last Saturday Mr. B and I were going to the symphony and we were very good about not going out for dinner before the show, so all went well on Saturday. On Sunday we went to visit my sister-in-law, who's still in the hospital and when we got home we went to the notorious Capt'n Frosty's Clam Shack just 100 yards down the road from our house. We went nuts! Bacon Cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings and to top it off, 1/2 dozen clam cakes! I didn't eat another thing the rest of the day and was still down 0.2 pounds the next day but it was the wrong signal to send. (More on that next week.)

I also had an appointment on Wednesday for "upper and lower scoping" at the hospital on Wednesday so there was no eating from Monday at 6:30 pm until Wednesday at 3 pm. On Thursday I recorded a 3.3 pound weight loss but put back on 2 pounds by the next day. It's pretty amazing to watch the ups and downs of your weight loss on a daily basis. I am not one to completely freak out if I put on a pound or so as I know it could be water, clothing, gay nerves... anything could cause it, so I don't worry too much. 

So anyway at the end of the week I had lost 2.8 pounds for a grand total of 30.1 pounds! I have finally broken through the 30 pound mark. Only 39.9 pounds to go!

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