Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Throwback Thursday!

Oh dear... he's been at the scanner again!

My dear friend Anne Marie as a "temp" at Ocean Edge in Brewster c.1991
Keith "Butchie" Miller and Domenic Bachand at Ocean Edge c.1992

Bunnie Brennan, Frenchy and Patti on the day I went completely insane and was confirmed into the Episcopal Church. c.1990

Janet Burner and I in Bunnie's kitchen with a cake

Dean Crocker, David Olearcek and I at a baby shower I threw for Domenic and his wife. c. 1991

The folks from Ocean Edge at Domenic's shower. A lot of very fun people in this photo. We were all in either Conference Services or Food and Beverage at the hotel

The very first glimpse of Mr. B I ever had. Handsome devil...
And just so you can see I'm an equal opportunity humiliator I present Frenchy graduating from the Kiddie Koop Kindergarten in Owensboro, Kentucky, May, 1959. Note the mortarboards made out of construction paper, yarn and staples.

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