Tuesday, January 06, 2015

This is such a lovely story

From Huffington Post:

A Dad Dropped Off His Son On A Date And It Restored My Faith In Humanity

You know those moments that just seem like something out of a movie? You know the ones -- where you're literally expecting an uplifting song to start playing right at the climax of tear-jerking scene, which you happen to be seeing live before your eyes? Well, I just witnessed an Oscar-worthy performance.

This weekend as I sat in Starbucks, writing -- I know, it doesn't get much more cliché than that -- I noticed a man and his son walk into the coffee shop. My gaydar immediately informed me that I was in the presence of my own kind. The boy was very handsome, with a GaGa shirt and rolled up jeans, he looked to be around 16-years-old. A man that appeared to be his father, whom could only be described as a man's man, accompanied him. Large and intimidating in stature, his father wore a camouflaged shirt and some rather dirty jeans.

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