Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Diet Update 1-6-2015

Frenchy, Monday morning
Like most folks I went a little crazy over the holidays by not sticking to some semblance of my diet. First there was the "I'll just eat what I want for Thanksgiving and get back on the diet on Monday" chestnut. Well, Monday passed and the pizza was still being ordered. Next came the "I'm going on vacation to Florida and I always splurge on my diet while vacationing" meme. That brought me all the way up to Christmas with the dinners, parties and yummy stuff that always appears at the office or at friends' homes. "Oh, I'll get back on the diet after New Years Day" was the next excuse. Also I didn't weigh myself all of this time either so while I knew I had put on a little weight I had my "gay nerves" about how much I had gained.

On Monday of this week (yesterday), I decided that it was time to get back to work. I took out the Wii Fit thing and put it on the floor. I hesitantly stepped on that thing, not really wanting to see the results of my holiday madness an discovered that I had gained 13.7 pounds! 13.7!! I was mortified! I really need to focus on my weight again and to that end I went back on my strict "Jenny Craig-esque" diet which I have described previously. I was just a little hungry during the day but I got through it alright.  

This morning (Tuesday) I got on that damned Wii thing again and to my surprise I had lost 2.6 pounds! It makes me think of what volume of food and drink I was consuming to make me gain so much weight in 55 days and how quickly it can come off if you simply stick to an approximately 1,400+/- calorie a day diet. 

I am very pleased with myself today as opposed to yesterday when I was beating myself up for my lack of control. 

Wish me luck! 


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