Monday, May 25, 2015

Exceptionally tacky backyard wedding

Big thanks to Jen from Cake Wrecks for this submission. Love their website so much!
Now, I think that small, intimate backyard weddings can be wonderful. You can keep it simple and cost-effective if you opt to have it at home, and things can turn out great…. this backyard wedding, however, was not great.
Exhibit A: The Cake
I don’t think wedding cakes could get any worse than this. We’ve got different shapes, one is lopsided, oh yeah, and one is BURNT. Did we not have time to at least slap some icing on these bad boys? You’re just dumping the cake on some foil covered plastic cake stands? Really?

Exhibit B: The Bride
The bride is on the right……the one wearing the sequined tube top and the tiara.

Exhibit C: The location
Can someone at least take the mound of GARBAGE to the curb before the vows are read?! Oh, and I see that @alroker is on the guest list!

Exhibit D: The Groom
Button your shirt? Yes? No?

Act like you like each other, you’re standing 5 feet away!

Well, at least their shirts match….. that’s…….special.

Everyone looks pumped.

Exhibit E: The "Traditions"
Oh dear God!
Put that mess away!


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