Monday, May 25, 2015

In honor of wedding season we present Romance, Redneck-Style

Knocked-up bride, smoking, sleeveless gap-toothed groom, flip flops, beer can and of course the trailer. Extra points for the filthy boots and torn jeans. Ah... romance!

This guest may be flashing her chocha but at least she's kept her pumps on (a pet peeve of mine). Oh, and doesn't the bride's hair look great?

Flashing the chocha for the boys... I might have chosen different shoes, but again, at least she still has shoes on at her wedding.

I suspect this one won't last long. Just a guess.

Nothing says "Class" like shotgun shells on the cake.

Beer seems to be a recurring theme at these weddings

Also guns

Mmmm... muffins!
When did doing a handstand on a keg while having beer pumped into your mouth become de riguer for brides?

... or Beer Pong?

What a dreadful tradition

I hope she's not planning on playing baseball in those flip flops after guzzling all that beer!
I don't know what is more disturbing. All of those guns or that wrist corsage with her wedding gown

Now, I'm beginning to understand...

A camo-themed wedding. The kid looks thrilled with his new dad

The groom seems happy. After the wedding she can make a slipcover for her refrigerator out of that dress

Who doesn't need to rent a chainsaw for their wedding?

Brides should always get preferential treatment at the rental dumpers

Vera Wang? No, Betsy Ross.
Have fun on the honeymoon kids!

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