Monday, February 21, 2011

A sign of good fortune?

I've never really had a green thumb. There. I've said it. I hate to admit it because I sometimes have luck growing things and most times I don't but I do like to try. See an earlier post about "easy to grow" Topsy-Turvy Tomatoes for an example. When I left my job 3 years ago I started working with some folks in March which is also when my birthday is, and they gave me a lovely phalaeonopsis orchid as a birthday gift. It bloomed beautifully (no thanks to me) and then it sat around looking wilted and dejected. Not wanting to just throw it out with the rubbish I watered it when it looked really dry and ignored it when I could. 

Phalaeonopsis Vulgaris var. "Frenchy"
Recently I was in the super market and they were selling what they called "Ice Orchids"; the idea being that you only needed to add 3 ice cubes a week to the pot for it to thrive. It sounded easy enough so I decided to try it out on my orchid at home. Every Sunday I added three ice cubes to the pot and sure enough I started to get some new leaves that weren't all wrinkled and dry looking. Also a spike grew out of the side of the plant too announcing  that perhaps it would bloom too. Sure enough I got some buds on the plant and this weekend one of the buds bloomed! This was also my first week back at the job I left when the orchid was given to me 3 years ago. Kismet? Perhaps this is a sign that I have made a good decision by returning to "the fold". We'll see but in the meantime my orchid is beautiful and I am quite pleased.

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