Monday, June 04, 2012

Baubles (Cont.)

I just ran across a story about a rough diamond unearthed in 2006. Named The Lesotho Promise" the stone weighed in at a whopping 603 carats and was completely colorless. 

The Lesotho Promise
The process of cutting this stone into smaller stones begins with sawing the diamond into smaller pieces.

Here is the diamond after sawing into eight pieces

The stones are then cut into smaller stones and polished with facets

The 26 pieces cut from the diamond and polished
Rather than set the stones individually, the jeweler Graff decided to set them into one fabulous necklace. I wonder which royal house or hedge fund managers' bimbo the necklace below will embellish but at any rate it is one spectacular bauble.



  1. I think I would be bit scared to wear this "Little Bauble" unless I was surrounded at all times by a well armed, beefed up, and it wouldn't hurt to be handsome, Special Ops Team, all in Black Tie.
    Then there's the fact that I am extremely clumsy and tend to break every chain on my good necklaces. Can you imagine breaking this necklace??
    Nah. I'll let someone else wear that Gorgeous Piece of Art.
    I do Love that the jeweler, Graff, maintained the integrity of the original diamond by keeping all of the individual stones, which had been cut from the diamond, together and designing his piece around them.
    This piece goes beyond being worn as a necklace unless it is for a truly Magnificent Event. It is more on the scale of a Piece of Art to be Viewed in a Gallery, with Graff being recognized as the Jeweler/Artist.

    1. It is spectacular isn't it? Thanks for dropping by..