Friday, June 08, 2012

A tough decision to make

It is a spectacular morning here at Frenchy's place. At 9am it is 62 sunny degrees and there's a very slight breeze.

Now to the tough decision part. Do I

A: pull myself together, jump in the car and drive 90 minutes to the madcap city to sit in uncomfortable chairs at the Convention Center, listening to some unknown-to-me folks drone on about progressive stuff while waiting for a two o'clock program that I might be interested in or
B: have another cup of coffee on the patio and dive into "Death Comes to Pemberly", a book I have been wanting to read for months, while enjoying some peace and solitude?

Hmmm. Looks like I'm heading to literary Derbyshire! It's too beautiful here today to head "off Cape". The progressive world will have to make do with one less foot soldier today.


  1. Wait, I'm supposed to tell you about my life to date on a public forum? I think I'm missing a more private portal here.
    I live in Maine and have turkeys and Lady Slippers too. I saw a luna moth last night, it may have flown up from the little orchard we planted. My husband lives in DC during the week so I'm not just your typical down on the farm kind of hairdresser. (I married a sailor, I'm sure you are proud of me for that). And I've become semi famous for KNITTING! No kidding. Google 'combat knitters'.

  2. BloggerPlus App9:28 PM

    No, no. Send info to that email address I sent. What a pleasure to hear from you Doll! Just drop a note to that email and I'll make a note of your email address and write back.