Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snowstorm at Frenchy's House Party

We had some "weather" at the Clubhouse yesterday. From what I've heard this snow could've been useful at the Winter (60 degrees f) Olympics in Sochi. Sandwich got 15 inches according the folks at WCVB while we in Dennis got a mere 10 inches. Now waiting the for condo boys to dig us out.  Here's some photos:

This was taken last night during the height of the storm Very heavy snow was really coating and dragging down the limbs of the trees.
The walkway to the left of the Clubhouse
Early this morning we were greeted with this beautiful scene
The light this morning was just lovely
Here's a view of the back of the clubhouse. The poor arborvitae in the corner is really strained by the snow. Looks like it's going to need a bit of care later today.

Yay! Condo boys have arrived! We're saved!

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