Sunday, February 16, 2014

The bile rises in my throat... Kansas edition

Teach your children well...
There's a woman in my office who seems to be a perfectly normal middle aged woman with her wits about her; charming, breezy, into new-agey kinda stuff but very nice.  When we first chatted about politics I discovered (now I know what chagrin means) that she's an anti-Obama birther, afraid that Sharia law will take over her life on Cape Cod. Seriously. She believes that! Sometime you just don't know what's lurking underneath a veneer of "jus' plain folks".

One day we were arguing about the repeal of the odious "Defense" of Marriage Act, she actually said to me that we gays and lesbians are "gonna be fine", and that "things are not going to go backwards" and "what's all the fuss about". I was appalled. I couldn't believe that I was working in the same company as someone who is obviously so ignorant and misinformed about the discrimination gays and lesbians face everyday. It's subtle, it's pervasive, and it's still here.

I was trolling the Internet and came across this piece by Cenk Uygur about the state of anti-gay bigotry and discrimination in the so-called Bible-Belt. The Christianists in Kansas and Idaho have passed vile, ugly and disgraceful bills that allows anyone, including the government to deny services to gays and lesbian citizens of their states, including fire departments, police, hospitals... anyone.

Cover your keyboard and watch this explanation from Mr. Uygur:

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