Saturday, April 05, 2014

Jenny Craig Diet Update, Week 1

Jenny's delights
Today was the first 'weigh-in' day after my first week back on the Jenny Craig weight loss plan. I must say that the old ghosts are haunting me again about finding the time to eat six times a day and eating nothing but this food. However I have had some progress to report. More on that later.

When I went into the Jenny store today there was a late twenty-something gabbing away on her cell phone about nonsense, that blew in just in front of me. She went right down to the scale and weighed herself and came back looking just disgusted. The nice girl at the front desk asked her what was wrong and she said she had 'gained a pound and a half' and was completely bullshit and frustrated that she had put weight on. She seemed to have a real problem with that because she kept muttering about how she doesn't want to do this anymore, and how sick she was of it. She also didn't seem to have an appointment and was upset that there was no one to consult with her. The girl at the desk kindly gave her a hug and asked if she wanted to reschedule the appointment she missed and I guess perhaps she did but I didn't get to hear any of that. 

After she left I saw the two girls at the front desk whispering, obviously about her, and I chimed in 'What a nut! You win some and you lose some when dieting.' We were giggling about what a nut she was and then my consultant, Lynne, came in. 

She was very nice and cautioned me about eating 'all the food that is on my menu' and to 'keep the furnace burning'... you all know the drill. Anyway we did not use the pre-ordained diet plan this week, I am trying to plan the menu myself using their guidelines and me choosing the food I find least objectionable. 

When I had finished that process we went down and weighed in and sure enough I had lost 11.4 pounds during my first week! Now that will definitely not happen every week but it was a good start and a real boost to me to keep this plan up. I'll be posting my update again next Saturday so check back in then for the update. Wish me luck (and willpower)!

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