Friday, April 18, 2014

Jenny Craig Diet Update: Week 3

Good bye old friend!
Week 3... wow! It's getting to be a little more interesting in the diet scene. I have decided to pitch the 'Jenny food and' and try a little progressive Jenny-style diet. 

As I have said before I am a 'platinum' member there and as such I can go back to the program whenever I want and that includes for simple support, menu planning and dieting tips. I did that for the first time this week. I went out on Saturday and bought 4-'Healthy Choice' meals (@4/$10 at Stop & Shop) and 5-'Healthy Choice' lunches (@5/$10). Now this and a few assorted snacks purchased at Jenny Craig would go for about $80-$90 at the Jenny store so $60-$70 bucks saved right off the bat, I was enjoying it. I did just the same as I did on the Jenny program, ie. supplementing my meals with snacks, dairy products, vegetables and salads. It turns out that it is only slightly more trouble buying the sale priced diet foods (Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers...) at the market and using a little creativity with the required snacks. I'm giving this a try, at least for a while to see if it works. I'll keep you all posted. 

Anyway... the grand total of weight lost: 21.8 pounds! Check in again next week for my update.

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