Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jenny Craig Diet Update, Week 8

Diet food!
Oops! I forgot to post my results last week so I'll combine this week and last. Boy, this week was not a good one for the diet. I went berserk on Tuesday and took Mr. B to the Harwichport A&W for $.99 Coney Dog night. We used to go once every 2-3 weeks or so (during the summer season) because the food at this place is so good and the place is as clean as an operating room. We ordered 6 Coney dogs, fries, onion rings and I had a diet root beer and Mr. B had a root beer float ($19). A bargain, but boy was that a bad idea. I suppose that it is OK to have a splurge once in a while, and Lisa, my Jenny girl, says that it is OK to do it, but I should restrain myself a little. And not having a float in my root beer isn't really showing restraint.The next day I was back on the diet enjoying a nice food hangover. Serves me right!

To make matters worse on Friday night I had had enough of work, housework, etc. and decided that I was going to enjoy the launch of my holiday weekend with a scallop roll at the aforementioned A&W. They feature a special on Fridays that is a scallop roll and fries for $9.99. Not being able to resist a good scallop roll (which it was), nor a bargain, I said 'screw it' and we toddled off figuring that it will take me a week longer to reach my goal but it was Friday of Memorial Day Weekend! Does anyone out there blame me??

So yesterday I didn't get on the Wii Balance Board scale to weigh myself because I just didn't want the bad news. I did get on it this morning but didn't turn on the sound for 2 reasons. 
  1. When you turn that thing on and step on it, the little voice says 'oh..', like you're too fat and that it's straining under your bulk. I hate that! 
  2. Then after weighing you it plays some music that is akin to the slide trombone sound that signals disappointment. I hate that too! 

To make matters worse after those distressing sounds when it displays your Body Mass Index, your avatar, which starts off slim, grows fat while the slide goes up the BMI scale, lands on 'Obese' and the little voice says 'That's obese!'. If nothing else I want to lose enough weight to get that little bastard to stop saying 'That's obese!' and to get that line under 'Obese'. This contraption says I should weigh 180 lbs., but that is way too low for me so just getting it under 'Obese' will be a thrill. 

Anyway, the results are, that over the last two weeks, even with two trips to A&W I have lost another 6.8 pounds for a total of 37.2 pounds! See you at A&W!!

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