Friday, February 14, 2014

Country Life

Mr. B and I were driving into Orleans from the Clubhouse in Dennis and were discussing that we really do live (pretty much) in the country. I thought it was kind of a stretch until I got this news flash from CapeCodOnline this morning:

Avertissement! Les vaches!
EAST SANDWICH - Two cows were struck by a car and killed Thursday night on Route 6A near the Riverview School, according to Sandwich Fire Capt. James Huska. Police began to get calls about several cows that were wandering on Route 6A a little after 8 p.m.. Then, at about 8:17 p.m. two of the beasts were struck by a single car, said Huska said. The driver received minor injuries, Huska said. The animals were black, he added.

It took about 90 minutes for Department of Public Works employees to remove the carcasses.

The accident happened in the area of 588 Route 6A, he said.

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