Saturday, October 25, 2014

Diet Update Week 24: The struggle continues

Well, October 9th has come and gone and I have not met my goal of 70 pounds lost. I have had a couple of setbacks (here and here) but it's just part of the struggle. I had gotten to 61 pounds lost but then I had a little "hiccup" and put back on 6.9 pounds. I am pleased to say that after 1 week of intensive paying attention to my diet and being a good boy I have lost that 6.9 pounds and am back to having lost those 61 pounds! That's 6.9 pounds lost in 5 days for those keeping score! It's very difficult to keep with this. I just realized that when I was thinking of what I was going to do today my first thought was "I think I'll make a nice loaf of oatmeal bread" while I do my housecleaning. See? The food thing is insidious! I printed out the recipe and everything before I realized what I was doing! Ugh!

Wish me luck!

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