Sunday, August 29, 2010

Very exciting day planned

When you live on Cape Cod you sometimes get so involved in just making a living that you forget about the great things to do here. In all the time I have lived and visited here I have never been on a whale watch tour. A few weeks ago a person came into my real estate office and asked if they could put some brochures out for their company. If any of you folks have ever worked in a real estate office you will know that every handyman, inspector, trash hauler, mortgage originator or just about any other service you might imagine, leaves a brochure, booklet or flyer in your office. The result is a mess of crap that the poor office people (that would be me) have to spend their days organizing and straightening. I usually just smile and say that "I'll be glad to put your brochure out" and then throw it into the large round "brochure file". Well when this person came in to ask about putting out brochures she had a little incentive for me... two free passes for the Dolphin Fleet's Whale Watch tour out of Provincetown. Those brochures went right up and the ticket into my pocket. 

Friday I was able to talk Mr. B into taking me out for an airing and the whale watch was the answer. We are going today and I couldn't be more excited. I have gotten a polarizing filter for my Canon G7 and I am hoping to get some great photos on this adventure. It sounds like great fun so check back tomorrow for the photos and the review of the trip.

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