Saturday, September 04, 2010

"Hurricane" Earl Review

Boy, what a bomb this "Hurricane" Earl was. For days the weather people have been terrorizing us with their dire predictions, so much so that I have received communications from my relations in Houston (Hey girls!) checking in to see if we know what to do in the event of "the big one". We did get some wind gusts and some heavy rain but not much else. Heck, we had a "nor' easter" last week that caused more downed trees and debris on the lawn than we got from this one. The one good thing about a hurricane coming up the coast is that after it passes by you get a really spectacular day the next day which is what we are enjoying now. I did take a little video last night at around 9:20 as it was coming down pretty good and I figured I'd get at least a little something to post for you folks. Well, here it is. 20 seconds of rain on the House Party deck. Sorry I don't have more...

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