Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stuffed Peppers as an appetizer or dinner

I didn't have enough peppers for the amount of stuffing I made so I decided to stuff some of those little red, yellow and orange peppers you see in bags in the market now. If you cut off the tops and a bit of the bottom (enough to let the air inside the pepper escape when stuffing it) and use a small measuring spoon to clean out the seeds you can stuff them nicely. They'd be great for a 1st course in an Italian dinner, maybe on a little bit of olive oil mashed potatoes. Here are a few photos and  the recipe. Enjoy!

Get your stuffing, cleaned peppers and red gravy together and have fun stuffing peppers!

I was making the appetizer size, so the big ones in the back are for homemade TV dinners. 

Let them sit for a few minutes to relax a bit
As an appetizer with olive oil mashed potatoes. 

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