Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Republicans hated about the President's SOTU speech as evidenced by their applause (or lack thereof)

Yeah... we love cancer!

From DailyKos:

For those keeping score at home, here are just some of the issues that President Obama raised during Tuesday’s State of the Union address that Republican Senators and Congressmen in attendance refused to clap for, let alone get off their asses and cheer:

  • Nearly 15 million new jobs and the unemployment rate being cut in half.
  • Equality for all Americans.
  • Cutting pollution levels.
  • A good education for our children.
  • Fighting terrorism.
  • The idea that America is the strongest nation on earth.
  • Avoiding war.
  • Making it easier to vote.

And—drumroll, please—saving the best for last … Curing cancer!

File this one under shit-you-can’t-make-up.

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